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Applying SEO like Varnish

Applying SEO to Content

In its Helpful Content Guidelines, Google states, “SEO can be a helpful activity when it is applied to people-first content, rather than search engine-first content.” One way to interpret ‘applied’ … Read more →
Businessperson Taking Asset Inventory

Inventory Your Business’s Content Marketing Assets to Increase Revenue

Business marketers create a lot of great content over time. This asset pool contains valuable information for audience members — prospects, customers, referral sources, etc. Marketing (and sales) asset types … Read more →
Salesforce Share Video

Video Content For One-to-Many Sharing By Sellers

We recently developed a free unmanaged package for Salesforce called the Marketing & Sales Accelerator. We initially created the package as a way for marketers to manage and optimize existing … Read more →
SEOs on X

12 Inspiring SEOs to Follow on X (Formerly Twitter)

Whether you’re new to SEO or trying to hone your skills, we believe there’s no better platform than X (formerly Twitter) for getting the ‘latest and greatest’ SEO perspectives. We … Read more →
Business SEO

How to Improve Your Website SEO: A Practical Guide

SEO Rule #1: create expert, helpful, people-first content. This article is for people who want to drive more organic search traffic to their organization’s website by improving their website’s SEO … Read more →
Alternative Search Engines

8 Alternative Search Engines for 2023

Over the years, many challengers have tried to become a legitimate alternative search engine to Google. But as of August 2023, Google commanded almost 92% of the global search engine … Read more →
A Business Podcast Recording

Should Audio Content Be a Part of Your Marketing Strategy?

Are you a marketer considering adding audio content to your marketing mix? While there are a few caveats associated with this form of content, there are several reasons to at … Read more →
Businesswoman happy with content marketing results

8 Unheralded Benefits of B2B Content Marketing

Many people only view B2B content marketing as creating more website traffic and generating more leads. Lead generation alone is a somewhat myopic view of the positive impacts of producing … Read more →
Google's About this result

Your Website’s ‘About Us’ Page: An Important Information Source For Google

As part of your website’s reputation, Google uses two sentences from either your Google Business Profile (GBP) description or your ‘About Us’ page to describe what your website is about. … Read more →
Showing a Plan to a Prospect

Are You Showing Your Website Visitors a Plan?

The StoryBrand team repeatedly reminds members of its business audience, “you are the guide, and your prospects and customers are the heroes in their own stories.” The subtext is, “don’t … Read more →
Blog Post Structured Data Under The Hood

Blog Structured Data and SEO – A Primer

We often say that effective SEO is the sum of many little things done right. Structured data is one of the many little things that can improve SEO. While there … Read more →
WordPress Page Speed

How To Crush Google’s Page Performance Score With Your WordPress Site

Google’s page quality measuring tool, which is built on top of Lighthouse, scores website pages on four factors: Performance Accessibility Best Practices SEO This post will focus on the Performance … Read more →
Levels of Website Traffic

Wix vs Squarespace vs WordPress: Relative Traffic Growth

Wappalyzer, which catalogs the technology stack of websites globally, provides some interesting statistics for Wix, Squarespace, and WordPress — specifically, the growth in adoption compared to aggregate traffic growth. Why … Read more →
More Quality Backlinks

If You Need More Quality Backlinks, Here’s Where to Spend Your Time

Backlinks are links from other websites to your website. There’s little question that obtaining quality backlinks will boost the visibility of your content in search engine results. This will, in … Read more →
Digital Marketing Dashboard

Create a Marketing Dashboard (For Free) Using Google Components

Note: An add-on for GA4 was introduced in August 2023. We will update the legacy content below. Original Post About Google Universal Analytics With the help of four Google components, … Read more →
Crypto vs Gold Marketing Stories

Gold vs Crypto: A Tale of Two Marketing Stories

Gold and cryptocurrency are two places where people can put their money. As with many alternative asset classes, groups of high-profile, wealthy marketers are proponents of the respective investment options. … Read more →
RSS Feeds to Sheets to Social

Google Sheets RSS Feed: How It Helps Marketers

By setting up Google Sheets as a free RSS (and Atom) reader with social posting formulas, you more quickly and easily share your own content — and the content of … Read more →
AI and the Marketing World

Why AI Is Eating The Marketing World

Author’s Note: This post was published before ChatGPT appeared on the scene and radically changed the AI landscape. We will periodically update this post with the AI applications for marketing. … Read more →
Inbound Consultant With Clients

How Does A Content Marketing Engagement Start Off?

You’re thinking about engaging a marketing consultant, but you’re not quite sure from the proposal what the beginnings of the engagement will look like. A content marketing engagement can take … Read more →
Content Marketing Mix

What A Content Marketing Consultant Does To Help You Grow Your Business

The main reason you would consider hiring a content marketing consultant is that the right person will help you gain & retain more customers and grow your business. However, you … Read more →
Postitive Page Experience

What is Page Experience and Why Should You Care?

Page experience is a hot topic, particularly with Google’s recent update. Google’s page experience update was slowly rolled out for several months through the end of August, 2021. According to … Read more →
New Leads Report (Crickets)

6 Reasons Nobody Is Downloading Your Gated Content

You have produced an excellent ebook, a checklist, and a how-to PDF. You’ve gated the content behind various calls to action, including on a resources section of your website. All … Read more →
Quote to Order

B2B Revenue Attribution & The Awareness to Order Journey

Revenue attribution is allocating customer payments to the various marketing channels and campaigns contributing to generating revenue. Author and speaker Marcus Sheridan stated that from his studies, fewer than 3% … Read more →
WordPress Plugins

WordPress Page Experience: Retaining Beauty While Reducing Bloat

Most business owners and managers want a slick, polished website. There is truth to the assertion that a professional-looking website will result in more conversions. However, beauty has traditionally come … Read more →
Organic Gardening

Organic Search – What Does It Mean?

What is ‘organic search’? Since no one technically performs an organic search, the better question is, “What is an organic search result?” The business adaptation of the word ‘organic’ is … Read more →