Applying SEO to Content

Applying SEO like Varnish

In its Helpful Content Guidelines, Google states

“SEO can be a helpful activity when it is applied to people-first content, rather than search engine-first content.”

One way to interpret ‘applied’ SEO is to consider it a coat of varnish added to a handmade piece of furniture. It’s something that’s done after the fact as a finishing touch.

Following this interpretation, here is a process for following Google’s instructions to the letter.

I don’t necessarily recommend this process, but it can work.

Step 1 – Write

Author and publish a helpful blog post for your audience without targeting a specific keyword. Think more in terms of a topic.

You should follow structural and usability conventions.

Step 2 – Analyze Queries

Wait a week or two, then examine the top queries by impressions in Google Search Console.

Step 3 – Determine a Keyword

Use your favorite keyword tool to find the highest volume keyword relevant to your content from among those top queries.

Use a tool like to uncover words related to that keyword.

Step 5 – Reoptimize

Artfully and iteratively, work the keyword and the top related words into the content without detracting from the original goal of creating a people-first content piece.

You’ve then applied SEO to the people-first content, per Google’s instructions.

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