Foundational Backlinks: Why a New Website Needs Them

Office Building With No Foundation

Foundational backlinks, sometimes called ‘foundation backlinks,’ are recommended for new websites on new domains.

These links from other websites to your website are the first step in getting your website found through online searches.

When you purchase a new domain and create a website for that domain, your starting point is zero backlinks.

That means your website has no authority from the perspective of search engines.

Search engines continue to rely on quality backlinks as signals of website authority.

The good news is you can prime the backlink pump immediately.

TIP: Not all backlinks have to go to your homepage. Where appropriate, create links to interior pages and blog posts.

Here is a short list of links that stem from setting up accounts on mainstream sites. Most of these links are nofollow, but they are better than no links.

These are all free or freemium platforms.

bit.lyCreate a Link-in-bio and add one or more links to your website
crunchbase.comClaim and update your profile
linkedin.comInclude your website in your profile
linktr.eeCreate a Link-in-bio and add one or more links to your website
medium.comAdd a secondary URL, such as a testimonials page, to your bio
slideshare.netCreate an account and upload a slide deck
twitter.comAdd a secondary URL, such as a testimonials page, in your bio

Local businesses should consider these additional links.

apple.comCreate or verify an Apple Business Connect account
google.comCreate a My Map relevant to your service area or business offering and add a URL in the description
nextdoor.comCreate or claim a profile
yellowpages.comCreate or claim a profile

There may also be several industry-specific sites for your business.

TIP: Make sure the address and phone information precisely match on all sites.

Foundation links like these are only the beginning of your backlink journey.

Over time, consider putting effort into acquiring new backlinks, especially dofollow links.

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