SEO as an Incidental Service Offering: Does it Produce Results?

A server offering a patron SEO with his fries

Marketing agencies offer excellent services like Website design, PPC advertising services, list emails, and even sales outreach.

However, agency leads sometimes tell a prospect who inquires about SEO services, “Sure, we can do SEO,” which occasionally sounds like offering to bring ketchup to the table to go with an order of french fries.

How has that SEO been performing?

If you’re a B2B revenue leader and your multifaceted agency is ‘taking care of your SEO,’ it’s worth asking how they’re taking care of it and what that effort translates to in the search engine results and conversions.

I often encounter revenue leaders who haven’t taken the time to determine whether the blog content created for them ranks in the search results, generates website traffic, and converts visitors to leads.

It’s easy to find B2B startups with over 50 posts and near-zero organic traffic to those posts.

There’s a reason for this — content writing is not the same as content ranking.

For content to rank, it must address your audience’s pain and answer their questions.

Content creators and editors also need to follow a set of SEO rules.

B2B Startup Website Monthly Search Clicks
An actual B2B startup’s monthly total website clicks as reported in Google Search Console

Not all content has to rank — specific blog post topics may not lend themselves to search optimization and are written with distribution in mind.

Is organic search traffic needed?

Some companies consciously choose not to invest or to under-invest in SEO, as they can achieve profitability goals with different forms of marketing.

That’s fine if it’s a conscious decision rather than an initiative that didn’t produce results.

However, for companies that intentionally invest in SEO and expect results, search engine optimization should be like a complete plate of food, not an incidental condiment.

Plate of SEO

If you take this intentional approach, the search clicks to your content can start to look more like this:

Google Search Console clicks
Google Search Console data for a company that invested in helpful, optimized content

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