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Whether you’re new to SEO or trying to hone your skills, we believe there’s no better platform than X (formerly Twitter) for getting the ‘latest and greatest’ SEO perspectives.

We have assembled a list of our favorite SEOs on X. Note that the follower count for each is a snapshot from October 2023.

Our main criteria for people on this list are those who give value first and minimally talk about themselves or their services.

Many have a specific focus area within SEO.

If you consume much SEO content on X, the platform’s algorithm will serve you more of what you want.


Ross Simmonds

If there’s a genius in the B2B content marketing and SEO field, it’s Ross Simmonds, CEO of Foundation Marketing. Ross should be on your ‘follow’ list if you’re a B2B SEO or aspiring SEO.

One of Ross’ specialties is content re-optimization and repurposing (distribution). He also devotes much of his time to finding AI use cases for marketers and defining prompts. Ross hosts a podcast called ‘Create Like the Greats.’

Handle: @TheCoolestCool
Followers: 67,000

Mike Donovan

While Mike is a niche site guy, his advice applies across the board. He is transparent about his efforts and secret sauce regarding growing traffic to his latest niche site.

Handle: @NicheDown
Followers: 39,000

Lily Ray

Lily does a great job of tracking and reporting the latest from Google. Recently, Lily has been uncovering all sorts of spam on Google properties, including Groups and My Maps.

Handle: @lilyraynyc
Followers: 80,000

Barry Schwartz

Barry, the publisher of Search Engine Roundtable, is the SEO industry’s most prolific journalist.

By following Barry, you can get as deep into the SEO weeds as you want to.

Handle: @rustybrick
Followers: 215,000

Marie Haynes

No one has more of a finger on the pulse of Google E-E-A-T and Google Helpful Content Guidelines than Marie Haynes.

For up-to-date SEO insights, Marie’s newsletter is worth subscribing to.

Handle: @Marie_Haynes
Followers: 72,000

Jess Joyce

While Jess doesn’t have nearly the follower count of others mentioned in this post, she gives away some valuable information for B2B SEOs.

Handle: @jessjoyce
Followers: 5,300

Darren Shaw

If you need information about the latest in local search, it’s worth following Darren.

Handle: @DarrenShaw_
Followers: 22,600

Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin is a technology leader in the SEO industry. Rand co-founded Moz and is now CEO of SparkToro.

Rand is well-known for his insightful SEO-related whiteboard videos.

Handle: @randfish
Followers: 465,000

Cyrus Shepard

Cyrus is an SEO agency owner with a relatively high follower count.

Handle: @CyrusShepard
Followers: 108,000

Mordy Oberstein

Mordy is Head of SEO Brand at Wix, a web hosting company.

Based on our experience working with clients that use Wix, Mordy and his team have done a great job over the last couple of years improving Wix’s SEO. He hosts a podcast called SEO Rang.

Handle: @MordyOberstein
Followers: 67,000

Tim Soulo

Tim is the chief marketing officer of Ahrefs, our preferred SEO analytics tool.

While he’s a little more promotional than others on this list, he also provides helpful SEO insights.

Handle: @timsoulo
Followers: 46,000

John Mueller

More SEOs hang on John Mueller’s every word than anyone else. Why? Because John is the interface between Google and the SEO community.

While John can speak cryptically sometimes, it’s always worth listening to and reading his words.

Handle: @JohnMu
Followers: 162,000

Neil Patel

Neil is a prolific poster who provides a lot of helpful data-driven content on X.

Handle: @neilpatel
Followers: 450,000

SEOs on X are a fairly tight-knit community. They generally have a good sense of humor, and you’ll often see friendly banter among them.

I hope you find one or more of these SEOs to be inspirational.

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