Marketing & Sales Accelerator for Salesforce: Setup Instructions

Sales Enablement Assets in Salesforce

The high-level steps for setting up the Marketing & Sales Accelerator for Salesforce package are

  • Install and configure the free marketing asset management package
  • Populate the Marketing Asset custom object with linkable assets, including posts, pages, PDFs, videos, and audio content
  • Populate the Link custom object with internal links
  • Set up email templates

Unmanaged Package Installation

Install the managed package on a sandbox using the provided URL with the following format:

Install the managed package in your production org using the provided URL with the following format:

Account Object Fields

Ensure a Salesforce account exists for each web property you own or manage.

Add the default Account Number field to the page layout if it’s not already there. Use this field to store your Google Analytics Property ID. The ID can be found in any URL for your Analytics account.

Enter your www or non-www website address into the Website field, whichever is the primary.

Salesforce Account for MAM

Marketing Asset Management Object Mobile and Lightning Actions

In the classic layout editor, drag Email, New Event, and New Task to the ‘Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience’ section.

Manually Adding a Record

Here’s how to manually add a record after installing the package.

Exporting and Preparing Metadata Sources

We recommend saving the following exports to a shared Google Drive folder in a Google Sheets format.

Export WordPress Metadata

Install the Export All URLs plugin to export your WordPress page and post metadata.

Separately export Pages, Posts, and other Post Type data to CSV files. Check all the Export Fields checkboxes and select ‘CSV file’ as the Export Type.

WordPress Export Pages metadata

Truncate the Title column to 80 characters or less using ‘LEFT(A2,80).’ This is because the custom object ‘Name’ field is used for the Asset Name. This field is limited to 80 characters.

Export Google Analytics Data

In Google Analytics, export the ‘Page path and screen class’ report to a CSV file.

Google Analytics Export Page Path

Export Google Search Console Data

Google Search Console Export

If Google Sheets or Download Excel is selected, the only needed tab is Pages.

If Download CSV is selected, in the resulting .zip file, the only CSV file needed is Pages.csv.

Export Ahrefs Organic Keyword Data

In Ahrefs, export the Top Pages view.

Ahrefs Export Top Pages

Export YouTube Metadata

Use Google Takeout to export your YouTube metadata to a CSV file.

The only selections needed are ‘YouTube and YouTube Music’ and ‘videos.’ Use ‘Deselect all’ on the respective pages and select only these.

Google Takeout YouTube

Combine All Exports

Being proficient in manipulating data in Google Sheets is essential for this step.

Here is a template Google Sheet used to combine the export files.

Email & Company-Wide Signature Templates

This page covers the email signature and template setup.

Assembling and auditing your content marketing assets in Salesforce creates a solid foundation for increasing search traffic, distributing your digital assets more broadly, and empowering your sales team.